CarBuckets: The New Way to Buy Your Car

Purchasing a new car is one of life’s most exciting experiences. Or at least it should be. It signifies adulthood, freedom, and possibilities. Your new car can take you places — literally and figuratively.

But the car-buying process has gotten a bad rap in recent years. Car buyers are inundated with misleading information. Buyers are bombarded with calls and emails. The negotiating process is intimidating and exhausting. The list goes on and on.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and this is where CarBuckets: Group Buying for Cars comes in.

What Exactly Is This CarBuckets Thing?

At CarBuckets, we’ve created a patent-pending platform that strives to bring back the joy of car buying. It’s a revolutionary product, changing the way people buy cars and dealers sell them. At the highest level, CarBuckets aims to bridge the gap between dealers and buyers, while accommodating both parties. Dealers can turn a profit, and car buyers can drive away happy — all in the same transaction.

So, what does CarBuckets: Group Buying for Cars do?

Join a Bucket

First, we group car buyers into “CarBuckets” by city and brand. Each Bucket contains multiple models of the same brand. Not everyone in a Bucket needs to buy the same exact car, just the same brand. When selecting your vehicle, we ask you to pick two color options to enable greater dealer competition. Buckets close every Tuesday at 11:59 pm.

Wait to see which dealership wins your Bucket

Every Wednesday and Thursday, local dealers (i.e. local dealerships in your area) compete to win your group’s business. The dealer with the lowest overall price for your Bucket wins. 

These discounts tend to be greater than if you were negotiating one-on-one with the dealership. Why? It’s ECON 101: Buying in bulk saves money. It’s the same concept used at wholesale clubs (e.g. Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, etc.) across the country. The economists call is “economies of scale.”

Take a test drive at the winning dealership

Finally, you and the rest of the car buyers in your Bucket will take a test drive at the winning dealership. Shoppers are not obligated to purchase the car. You’re only required to take a test drive. If you don’t, we charge a $50 no-show fee.

The reason dealers feel comfortable giving these group discounts is because we have verified you’re a serious car buyer, committed to taking a test drive — that’s why CarBuckets asks for your credit card information upon registration. It’s your Test Drive Pledge, and the reason our users get real, discounted prices.

Why sign up for CarBuckets?

One of the most unique aspects of our platform is that you will know your complete, down-to-the-penny pricing details (excluding taxes, tag, and title) before you go for your test drive. We give you everything from dealer add-ons, dealer fees, dealer discounts, qualifying cash incentives, dealer-installed accessories, and everything in between.

There’s no wiggle room in taxes, tag and title, so don’t worry, dealers can’t “get you” there. Most importantly, CarBuckets dealers have signed a Dealer Code of Conduct which prohibits them from any form of price dishonesty. Our policy is strict. We also only work with dealers who have a high Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) number.

Follow Us to Learn More About Our Team and Service

We encourage you to take a look around our website and learn more about our service. No one else in the automotive industry has reimagined the car-buying process like we have — from the group buying for cars concept to our commitment to honesty and transparency. Our team consists of many car buyers like yourself who were fed up with the process. No one should dread buying a new car.

We want to be your partners in this process, and we plan on posting plenty of helpful information for every type of car buyer — from the first-time buyer to the one who has bought his or her fair share of cars. We hope you find our blog helpful and informative.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts, please feel free to contact us.  We’ve created this platform for you.

Welcome to our site and to the CarBuckets family.