How Leasing A Car Works: A Guide and Glossary

Car buyers are given two options when it comes time to finance their car: They can buy the car, or they can lease it. Buying means the car is yours when you’re done paying for it. Leasing is like renting the car for a set amount of time, like you would a house or apartment. You have to return the car to the dealership at the end of that term.

Both financing options have their perks, but for now we’re going to focus on leasing.

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CarBuckets: The New Way to Buy Your Car

Purchasing a new car is one of life’s most exciting experiences. Or at least it should be. It signifies adulthood, freedom, and possibilities. Your new car can take you places — literally and figuratively.

But the car-buying process has gotten a bad rap in recent years. Car buyers are inundated with misleading information. Buyers are bombarded with calls and emails. The negotiating process is intimidating and exhausting. The list goes on and on.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and this is where CarBuckets: Group Buying for Cars comes in.

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